Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions
What are your chalkboards made of?
    •    Our chalkboards are handcrafted 100% wooden products. They are completely finished on all sides, important if they are to be displayed in a window or used on a kitchen island or sofa table.
Where are your products made?
    •    All chalkboards are proudly made in the USA!
What models are available?
    •    We offer most designs in both wall and table models.
    •    The wall models are the answer when counter space is limited or when walls need a dramatic focal point. Many of our retailers use the chalkboards as décor and signage in their stores. The wall models have a narrow chalk tray along the bottom and there is a hanger on the back.
    •    The table models are perfect for display windows, shelves, counters and of course, tables. They stand on a stained, wooden base which includes a chalk tray.
Are ribbons included?
    •    Most designs are accented with a colorful ribbon, raffia or a bandana. Selection varies depending on the season. If you have a request for a specific color or type of ribbon, please let us know. If we have it available, we will certainly send it your way.
Is chalk included?
    •    A small bag if chalk is included for each chalkboard.
What shipping method do you use?
    •    Shipping is normally accomplished by FedEx Ground service.
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