Our mission is very simple – to deliver high-quality, original, fun gift items - and to deliver them with excellent customer service! The Voila Collection is a wholesale manufacturer wholly owned and operated in the USA. We pride ourselves in offering the type of products that you want and need to make your business successful.
Our products are sold in a variety of high-end retail stores and e-commerce businesses. We try to not sell to competing businesses. If there is a particular business in your area that you are concerned about, just let us know. We want to do whatever we can to make our products successful in your store. We guarantee that you won’t find our products in the big discount chain stores.
You can trust that we will not promise something that we can’t deliver. When we promise a certain ship date, you can be assured it will ship on time.
We won’t ship any product that we wouldn’t want in our own home or store. Quality is non-negotiable – it has to be right or we will make it right. Since we do all our own production, we see every completed item and double-check it for quality. All of our shipments are insured, so if something happens between here and there, save the box and give us a call. Damage in shipping happens very rarely, but we will always resolve the situation to your satisfaction.
When you call us, you won’t get an automated menu of options. You will always get a member of the Whitehill family, or occasionally an answering machine (we promise to call you back ASAP). If you hear a dog barking in the background, it will be Charlie Brown (also known as Chuck). Doing business with a small family-owned business means we get to know our customers individually, and hopefully you get to know us.
When you deal with us, you won’t have to go through corporate bureaucracy to get an answer. We can bend any rule to accommodate your “special request”, as long as it is reasonable. We want to make your order exactly what you and your customers want. If you need a quick turnaround for a special occasion, if you need a gift card included in a drop ship, if a certain color bow is important - just let us know and we will make it happen.
As a small business ourselves, we understand that your resources are not unlimited. Therefore, all accounts, no matter how big or small, receive equal care and attention. We offer 30-day terms with satisfactory credit references. We are flexible with our reorder minimums or can drop ship orders directly to your customers.
We try to organize our designs so that you can easily locate the ones that work for you. We continually add new designs, primarily based on customer recommendations. We also welcome custom orders! Give us a call to discuss.
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